PiZap Review

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PROS / There are countless stickers and frames available from PiZap.

CONS / PiZap offers very few tools to edit your photo.

VERDICT / PiZap is a great service if you want to decorate photos or create wacky images.

PiZap is a fun online photo editing service. The features allow you to convert your photo into a one-of-kind creation. With the number of stickers available, it is easy to create wacky images of you and your friends.

PiZap is designed to primarily a for social media sites; it provides an easy online photo editor that integrates directly with Facebook, Photobucket, MySpace, Flicker, Picasa, and other social media and photo sharing sites. PiZap is also able to import and export directly to and from your computer.

The interface for PiZap is fairly easy to use. The effects and stickers are organized in to five tabs, making it easy to find and apply whichever features you want to your photo. The basic editing tools, such as rotate, flip and zoom, are available right on the workspace. Although these features are not labeled, the symbols make it easy for you to figure what the tools are if you are a little familiar with photo editing. If you are unfamiliar with the symbols used for the tools on the workspace, hover your curser over the symbol and a pop-up bubble appears explaining what the tool does.

The editing features available from PiZap are minimal. The service offers only a few of the basic tools you will need, including rotate, flip and zoom. And it's missing even a few of the basic tools, such as cropping or resizing tools, which are offered in most other photo editing services. PiZap does have features that allow you to adjust the hue, saturation, and brightness of your photos. While these features are useful for enhancing your photos, they are difficult to find and hard to use efficiently. They are hidden away in the effects and filter tab when it would be more straightforward if they were available directly on the workspace with the other editing tools.

PiZap's focus seems to be on the design service side of things, offering countless stickers you can add to your photos. You'll find everything from talking bubbles to shapes, and there are even face-editing stickers available such as hats, glasses and even hair to truly take your photo and make it something fun and crazy and unique. You can also take your photo to the next level with effects like black and white, sepia and tint, as well as distortions like fisheye, blur and pixelate.

PiZap gives you the ability to create unique images. The effects and stickers are easy to use; however, it will take a little practice to get the face-editing stickers to perfectly align with your photo. Even if your image is not perfect you will have a lot of fun working with you photos in PiZap.

PiZap has a contact portal available to you if you have a question about the service. PiZap is simple enough that you should not run into any serious issues, meaning you might not need any extra help.


PiZap provides a number of stickers and effects to help you create fun new images. There are limited editing features available, making PiZap less of a photo editing service and more of a design service. PiZap does offer some great effects that will boost your photos. Overall PiZap is a good online photo editing service, especially for designing and adding effects.