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Picnik Review

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PROS / There are countless options available to edit and customize your photo.

CONS / Not all options are available, unless you are a Picnik Premium member.

 VERDICT / Picnik is fast, easy, and fun; it’s the best option for online photo editing.

Editor’s Note: This product have been discontinued and are no longer available. Picnik closed on April 19, 2012. You can still read our original reviews, but TopTenREVIEWS is no longer updating the information for this product. Check out our Online Photo Editing Review site for more up-to-date information.


Picnik is a fast and easy online photo editing service. With a variety of tools, you can restore and improve you photos or images. The numerous effects, textures, and embellishments will transform your pictures into personalized works of art. Picnik brings online photo editing to the comfort of your home, providing service to everyday people. Picnik helps you create quality edited pictures, and we're confident you won't be disappointed with the results.

Picnik will give your photos new life. It’s so simple to use that that editing photos could easily become your fun new hobby, or help you expand your creativity. With the countless frames, embellishments and collages available, Picnik is a great service to use on all your photos.

Upgrading to Picnik Premium will give you even more options, offering you advanced online photo editing tools that will take you pictures to the next level. With the extras such as levels, curves and dodging tools, along with effects like vibrance, texture and airbrush, there are no limitations with an upgrade to Picnik Premium.

Ease of Use

Picnik is fast, simple, and the quality is amazing. The interface is very user-friendly. The organized tabs, for each step in the image editing process take the stress out of navigation. Even if you do not have a lot of experience with online photo editing, learning Picnik is nearly effortless. This makes the editing process fun and worry free. There are three simple steps to applying tools and effects to your photos. Select the tool or effect, adjust the strength then click apply. Picnik will almost instantly apply the effect or tool to your photo. One nice thing about Picnik is that if you forget to select apply and try to navigate to another tab, Picnik it will ask if you want to apply the feature before navigating away from it.

Picnik has so much to offer – the vast range of simple photo editing tools and quick auto-fix options will get your photos looking their best in no time. The effects are great for adding a level of dimension and character to your pictures. Customizing and sharing your photos is uncomplicated, and getting help and ideas about online photo editing is no trouble at all. There are so many ways to get help from Picnik that it is almost impossible to get stuck.

You will be thrilled with the care-free experience Picnik offers, and you can get excited that there is a way for you to get involved and learn about what it takes to edit your photos, even if you don't know much about online photo editing yet. Picnik supplies useful and powerful tools for users at every level of experience, and it offers helpful tips and instructions to help you learn as you go. You can’t go wrong editing your photos with Picnik.

Editing Features

The edit tab allows you crop, rotate, and resize your photo. Leaving you with exactly the layout you want for your photo. Repairing your photo or image is as simple as a click of the mouse. The auto-fix options give you the ability to adjust your photo’s lighting, hue, and saturation automatically. Picnik gives you a fast and easy way to edit your photos that gives them a great and professional look, and you are able to have complete control over what you pictures look like.

Sometimes, despite all your best efforts as a photographer, your photos just need a little tweaking to be their best. Picnik's online image editing tools will fix the basic issues your photos might have (e.g. exposure, temperature, red-eye). This will allow you to repair pictures from special memories that you will always want to remember. There are options to take your photos to the next level, with features like touch-up and teeth whitening you can make everyone in your photos shine.

Design Features

There are countless design options in the create tab. Here you will be able to add basic effects like black and white, vignette and cross process to give your photo a distinctive look. You can add other artistic effects, like lomo, holga and orton effects, to make it a unique, personalized photo. And that's only a few of the options Picnik offers. The creative effects will help you create innovative images that will show off your artistic side. Be aware, though, that some unique effects are only available with Picnik Premium. It is easy to get imaginative and create stimulating images by adding text, stickers and frames to give your picture a specific look. Using this online photo editing service, you can customize your own unique photos for holidays and other special events. Picnik makes is easy to make special moments into remarkable photos. With help from Picnik’s collage feature, you can create invitations and scrapbook pages with ease. Picnik also has an option that allows you to make a photo slide show, giving you a fun way to share your photos and favorite moments with your family and friends.

Import & Export

Picnik gives you many options for importing and exporting your photos, including to and from your computer. It also allows you to import and export directly from photo sharing and social media sites, leaving you without the hassle of the extra steps in saving your photos then uploading them to these sites.

Compatible photo sharing sites are Picasa, Flickr, MySpace, Facebook, Photobucket, and Twitter. Simply sign in to your account and connect to Picnik. You will be able to open and save directly to and from any of your photo sharing and social media sites. Sharing photos with family and friends is effortless with Picnik.

Help & Support

Getting help from Picnik is very easy. There are many different ways you can seek help, but the FAQs page is likely the first place you should go when you're trying to find an answer to a question about this online photo editing service. Your questions might be more common than you think. If you need more help, they also have tutorials and user forums available. For any other questions or information that you can't from these options, they also have contact information listed to further serve you. Picnik won’t leave you on your own to figure out their online photo editing tools and features.

Visit their blog for tons of creative ideas. Blog posts go back to 2007, with a variety of categories. Their blog will help you expand your creativity, while also introducing you to all that Picnik has to offer.


Picnik offers all you need and more to edit and customize your photos. There are countless tools and features available that give your photos a professional look. This online photo editing service is so fast and easy to use that it makes the process of editing your photos fun and enjoyable. Picnik also makes sharing your photos with loved ones a breeze. You won’t be disappointed with what Picnik has to offer, and you will be impressed with the quality it gives. Overall, we consider Picnik to be the best option in online photo editing.