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Photoshop Express Review

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PROS / A Style Match feature gives you ideas and instructions on editing your photos.

CONS / Photoshop Express does not offer as many design effects as other editing services.

 VERDICT / Easy-to-use tools, simple navigation and plentiful sharing options make this a great online photo editing service.

Adobe Photoshop is not an unfamiliar name in photo editing software, and their impressive services can also be found online. Photoshop Express, Adobe's online photo editing service, is the winner of our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award because having Photoshop available directly to your internet-connected computer will make editing your photos fast and worry free, and still allow you to use some of the amazing tools and effects from Photoshop.

The tools and basic features will make your photos stand out and impress. The auto correct tool will give you an easy, one-step fix for your photos, and the advanced features will allow you to adjust your photo to your personal and unique style. If you're having trouble figuring out the style you like, the Style Match feature is a great place to look for inspiration and easy solutions. Plus, the organizer included with the application will help you store and share your creations.

Ease of Use

Photoshop Express is very easy to use. The tools and features are separated into two tabs, allowing you to navigate with ease. The features are listed under sub tabs with their names and appropriate symbol. If you are unfamiliar with the symbols associated with photo editing, having the name of the tool helps you know exactly what tool you are using.

Adding an effect or applying a feature to your photo is as simple as a click of the mouse. Photoshop Express takes the stress out of editing you photos. Once you select a tool, it will make adjustments for you to choose from, instead of making you adjust your photo.

Photoshop Express has a history tool bar that allows you to simply undo and redo effects. The tool bar will add a check mark next to an effect that has been used, and if you simply click on the check mark, this online photo editing software will remove the effect from the photo. Click the blank check box to reapply the effect.

Editing Features

Photoshop express provides great editing features that are easy to use. Once you select a tool, Photoshop Express will give you a number of examples of the adjustments the tool can make to your photo. With the examples available for you to view, you will be able to compare different looks without needing to start over with your photo editing project.

The basic editing tools will allow you to enhance the look of your photo in just a few simple steps. If you are looking for a quick fix for your photo, the auto correct tool will do just that. Use crop, rotate, and resize to correct the layout of your photo. Enhance your photo further with exposure, red-eye removal, touchup, and saturation tools.

Design Features

You won’t find as many design features available in Photoshop Express as other products and services; although, it still has some great effects to give your photo a more artistic look. Make your photo black and white, add a pop of color, change the hue or tint of your photo, or completely change your photo by distorting or adding a sketch effect.

The decorate features will give your photo a fun and unique look. Adding text, stickers, or a frame will convert your photo into a great holiday card or gift. These decorations add a personal style to your photo that no one will be able to mimic.

Import & Export

With the organizer available from Photoshop Express, there are a number of ways to import and export your photos to and from your library. Import your photos to your library directly from your computer, or connect to Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket or Picasa and add photos to your Photoshop Express library from your photo sharing or social media site library. The organizer also gives you a simple way to save your edited photos back on your computer. There are a variety of options available to email, print, or share your photos on your favorite photo sharing or social media site.

Help & Support

The support offered from Photoshop includes a FAQs page, tutorials, forums, a blog, and a contact portal – giving you a number of ways to get any help you need. Navigating the support site is easy. Photoshop lists the question and forums for their each of their software applications, so make sure to select the help for Photoshop Express.

Photoshop Express’ Style Match is also a great way to get help and ideas on adjusting your photos. It gives you examples and step-by-step instructions on how to give your photos a unique look. This support feature offers a simple way to take your photo and make it something more.


Overall, Photoshop Express is a great option for editing your photos online. It may have fewer design options available than other services, but the other features it has outweigh what it lacks in design elements. The edit quality of Photoshop Express is outstanding. The application is easy to use and navigate, you can quickly upload and share photos, and the help and support features are plentiful and useful. All this makes Photoshop a top pick for online photo editing.