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Online Photo Editing Review

Why Online Photo Editing?

There is no longer a need to hire an experienced professional or purchase expensive photo editing software. Online photo editing services like Picnik, Photoshop Express, and flauntR offer many of the tools and advantages as the software-based applications do. These services will help you give your photos a professional, quality look without leaving the comfort of home or spending costly studio fees. Using online photo editing services gives you complete control of what the finished product will look like.

With online photo editing you are able to import photos directly from your computer or from photo sharing and social networking sites, allowing you to edit your photos without any hassle. Some online photo editing services are able to import images directly from digital cameras, mobile phones, and other PDA devices. Many of these services also allow you to export your photos back to your computer, photo sharing accounts and social networking sites. You will also find that most of these services offer printing services, or affiliate relations with a printing service, giving you the option to print your own pictures as well as print your images onto posters, wall decals, greeting cards, coffee mugs and other unique objects.

In our reviews of these top online photo editing services, you'll find tips that will help you make a decision on which service will best serve your personal needs. You may also want to browse our articles on online photo editing, to help you further understand the benefits of these services and how to take advantage of the tools they have to offer.

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Online Photo Editing: What to Look For

Online photo editing services have numerous applications and tools to quickly improve or repair a photo. Transforming photos, with the use of professional-like filters and effects, is as easy as a click of the mouse. These services can also create images from scratch, using tools and features similar to many Paint programs, leaving you even more options to be creative. Each of these online photo editing services will allow you to edit and improve your pictures, but each service will give it a different look. What service is best for you will depend on the look you want your pictures to have, and how easy it is for you to navigate and use the service.

Below are the criteria TopTenREVIEWS used to evaluate photo editing software:

Ease of Use
Photo editing services should be simple to use. Look for a service with explanations on how to use the features and tools, and “Wizards" that automatically fix the most common problems with photos (i.e. red-eye, hue, lighting, etc.) can be especially helpful. The navigation of a site should be straight forward so you can easily find the tool or effect you need.

Editing Features
An online photo editing service should have the basic functions needed to adjust the layout of the photo including crop, rotate and resize tools.  Some services also offer an auto-fix and red eye removal tool to easily fix the common problems with photos.

Design Features
The best online photo editing services offer a variety of effects and filters to adjust and improve a photo. Some main features to look for are black & white, sepia and vignette. There services should offer a number of frames and stickers to add to your photo as well as have a text option to add a description to your photo.

Import & Export
There is a wide range of formats used for photos, and you should look for an online photo editing service that can support a number of the following formats: JPG, GIF, BMP, EPS, PDF, TIF, and PICT. These formats are among the most common. Many of these services also offer number of options when it comes to importing your photos, giving you maximum flexibility. Online photo editing services should give you a variety of choices to import photos and to export finished images. The most typical options include directly to and from the computer and emailing the photo to easily share with a loved one. Many of these services also offer instant importing and exporting with photo sharing and social networking sites, allowing you to skip the hassle of re-saving and re-uploading images.

Help & Support
The online photo editing service should offer resources that will help with program questions and understand the features, tools, and effects that are available. Also, the site should provide technical support through FAQs page, support site, or a contact portal.

With the right online photo editing service, you can edit photos and design images from any internet-connected computer without the worry, hassle, and cost of studios and software applications. With you in control, your photos will look just how you want them to. The right editing service makes it easy to make your photos into works of art and share them with family and friends.